Tappeti’s design service is tailored to each project depending on your needs. You may choose from our existing Design Collezione and product images with the ability to custom size, shape and colour. You can view our Collezione online, but if you are looking for a particular look or feel, please get in contact.

Tappeti also custom design and can develop original artwork for job-specific pieces. Tappeti’s in-house design team develops pieces for individual projects, ensuring they are a true reflection of the client’s vision, working in with all elements of the interior space. Tappeti will work in the way that suites you, taking a design brief or inspiration images and colours, and developing design concepts, scaled artwork and detailed specification drawings for presentation.

Tappeti have a wide range of products that allow us to produce designs in various weaving techniques fibre types, colours and finishes. Tappeti’s ranges are manufactured in various places internationally. Handmade processes and simple tools are used from dyeing the yarn, transferring and tufting or knotting the design, to binding, carving and finishing. We do not use industrial machines at all in any of our manufacturing processes. These processes allow for families to work together to maintain techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Child labour and exploitation is against our business philosophy and is therefore not present in any of our manufacturing processes. We support a variety of programs that prevent child labour and provide educational support for the weaver’s children.