Keeping your Tappeti rug clean is a priority to ensure it remains a valuable part of the look and design of your property.

Tappeti maintenance allows you to spot or entirely clean your rug using safe, non chemical, non water products and procedures. Our treatment procedures have proven to maintain the appearance of the rug consistently throughout the carpet’s life, resulting in an extended rug life. This is a sure way to enhance your investment.

Tappeti Maintenance Kit:
• Carpet Premist NXT
• Dry Carpet Cleaner
• White Spot Towel
• Brush and powder spreader

On-site Maintenance:
On-site maintenance is an opportunity for a commercial cleaning contractor to professionally clean your rugs onsite. We recommend that your Tappeti rug is cleaned in this way every 6-12 months.

For a quote or for more information please get in contact with us.

General cleaning instructions:
• Vacuum regularly to remove fluff and dust from pile. Some vacuum cleaners have an additional motorized head which can increase fluffing of the pile – we recommend these are not used.

Cleaning spills and stains:
• Act immediately with spills and stains.
• Remove any solids with a spoon and any moisture with absorbent paper.
• To avoid rings, dab the area with a wet sponge at a distance of 2-3cm around the stain.
• Do not use a cloth for stain removal as strong rubbing can damage the fibres and pile.
• Dab the area with absorbent paper to remove any moisture.